The CE Student Experience

Hi there, and welcome to the MCACES “CE student experience” blog!
My name is Cristina, and I currently work as Support Staff for the MCACES department at Mohawk College.  It’s been a real pleasure assisting students from various backgrounds, and also those in similar situations as my own. This blog is to enable my fellow CE students (or Adult learners) relate to my own personal experiences, and challenges we face entering the world of adult learning. I am currently enrolled in “Teaching the Adult Learner”, and this is a fascinating and fresh time for me! Many new students will find that they are taking a CE course, either because their current job requires it, or they would like to learn a new skill or trade, and let’s not forget also for some leisure and fun! I decided to take a course because I felt I needed the “knowledge” to develop my strengths in aiding adult learners.  One of those strengths being ‘empathy’, as I often thought of as a weakness, yet, I now believe that this is a powerful strength, when working with Continuing Education Students.

 Whatever reasons you have decided to take a CE course, I want to be able to share this exciting phase of blogging with the CE “world”!
 Having a Student Experience blog is a great way of providing my own insights based on personal experience.
 I would also love your input about my blogging, as many fellow students are parents, such as myself, or adults with no children, or might just be ready to re-join the workforce/education system after so many years of staying home. 

 If you have any personal reasons, facing certain challenges, or just want to express your excitement and are proud of your accomplishments, I would love to hear from you. For myself, I know that the simple task of just getting an assignment completed makes me feel good!

Henry Ford quoted, “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”

I believe no matter what age, learning and growing are constantly part of our lives. As an adult, I felt that there was no other option left, after I graduated and set my career in motion. I quickly became a housewife, and devoted myself to husband, kids and home. As my children grew, I realized that the thirst and hunger for working outside the home grew.  Working here at MCACES, I soon realized that there is variety of life options, career choices, and room to grow!

Working at MCACES has helped guide the way for me. It has created a virtual pathway to self discovery of “what I want to be when I grow up” wise words spoken to me, by Karen Lavell, MCACES manager.

 Please, enjoy these blogs, as I will update them often, and post various obstacles, and accomplishments of my own. This new path that I have taken has only just begun….

 “Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.”  ~Chinese Proverb


Cristina  🙂

 Cristina Lord is a Continuing Education Student taking courses within the Teaching the Adult Learner Certificate at Mohawk College. She works part-time as the MCACES Resource Centre Receptionist and is married with two young children. Would you like to speak with Cristina? Contact her through

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