What Not To Put On A Resume

Here are some tips from a Recruiter’s perspective:

1. Hobbies should be left off the resume unless they directly relate to the role you’re applying for.  I once saw a resume that stated her hobbies were shoe shopping and collecting beanie babies.  

2. Don’t put your picture on a resume.  Even though this seems like common sense, I still receive at least two resumes a month that have pictures included.

3. Don’t put your high school education on your resume, if you have post-secondary education. I will assume that you have graduated from high school (or attended college/university as a mature student) if you have post-secondary education.

4. Don’t include personal information such as age, weight, social insurance number, marital status. In this age of identity theft, this is just too much information to include. As well, you can be subjected to prejudice by including this information.

5. Don’t add roles/positions that were short term or temporary if they are not related to your career path.  Consider utilizing the functional-style resume if you have had a lot of unrelated positions.

6. Poorly worded or indistinct objectives should not be included on your resume. 

Lori-Anne Cunningham (pictured, right) is a Continuing Education Student currently studying within the Career Consultant Certificate Program at Mohawk College. MCACES offers a comprehensive Employment Advisement program for our students. For more information about Employment Advisement, please visit the MCACES website, www.mcaces.ca or contact Lidia Siino, Employment & Communications Specialist at Lidia.siino@mohawkcollege.ca.

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