…. the deadline is tomorrow

….what to do?

…. I am really hungry, maybe I’ll go out for dinner first!


Does that sound like you? Are you browsing around online right now avoiding updating your resume?! Please don’t let time get the best of you and start utilizing all those skills you just might have on your resume: time management, communication and a positive attitude. These are not just words on your resume, but skills and characteristics which will help you obtain employment and maybe even that job you keep missing the application deadline for.

Now that you are thinking about it, it is time to make a plan of action. Start with an area of the job search process that you like, or that has previously caused you the least amount of stress. Since you are online right now, choose to utilize the Internet: do a web search of jobs, search for more tools and tricks to overcoming procrastination, and read more of the MCASES blogs which has tons of valuable and motivating information on the job search process 😉

Here are some tricks that will help you become engaged in your job hunt and stop choosing the route of procrastination:

  • Keep a calendar that includes due dates for jobs that you REALLY REALLY want, and reward yourself with a snack or night out when you make those deadlines.
  • When you want to socialize instead of updating your resume, sign up for a job search seminar or have your resume reviewed by a friend for errors (maybe you’ll meet someone you get along with and become good friends, or get a lead on a new job)!
  • Put down that Gossip magazine and read a journal about the new era of social networking and the uses of social media to advertise jobs.
  • Now that you have read about the uses of social media, start using Twitter and Facebook to your benefit and not just to snoop at your ex’s new girlfriend!
  • Do you like talking about yourself? Awesome! Sign up for a mock interview or have a friend ask you situational questions so you can practice for that interview you are going to get!
  • Are you introverted and missing deadlines on purpose to avoid the interview? Practice smiling while you are working on your resume, going over potential interview questions/responses and whenever you are talking about why you hate interviews (and will still do fantastic)!! This can help you become comfortable with the idea of an interview and help you to smile and relax during  your next interview.
  • Include break times, or maybe a whole day off so that you are excited about your plan and not exhausting yourself. You deserve this break if you are sticking to your plan!

Do not feel bad about procrastinating because change is just around the corner. You might have been holding off on the job search because you are afraid or discouraged as a result of past experiences, or maybe you were applying for jobs that you really did not want. Do not feel bad, rather learn from the past and make change. Maybe in coming up with solutions you will find that you are an excellent problem solver: Great! Add that to your resume and be prepared to explain why because now you are going to get that interview!

Natahsha Thomson is a student of the Career Consultant Certificate Program at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Be sure to check out MCACESblogs for the latest work search tips, tricks and trends! For more information about MCACESblogs, please contact   Lidia Siino, Professional Development & Communications Specialist at Thanks for reading!Image


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