Why Your Résumé Sucks!

Now that I have your attention, please keep reading.

There’s a strong possibility that I don’t like your résumé. “Not MY résumé!?!” Yes, especially YOUR résumé!

Just to clarify, before I continue, I have several years of résumé writing and critiquing experience, working with students, graduates and employers, teaching classes, delivering seminars and special events with résumé development as the focus.

Enough about my credentials. Let’s get to the matter at hand, improving your résumé. If any of the following statements resonate with your most important job search document, then its time to reassess.

Continue reading this blog post by clicking here: http://www.mohawkcollege.ca/alumni/ABC_AlumniBlogConnection/2013/2/Why_Your_R_sum__Sucks_.html#.UQ_XoKX3BT5


The following post was a guest blog created by Lidia Siino for the Mohawk College ABC: Alumni Blog Connection. Read MCACESblogs for the latest job search tips, and techniques by students from the Career Consultant Certificate Program at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Like what you read? Follow MCACESblogs today! Happy reading!


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