Do you have the Job Search Blues?

Almost all job seekers feel down in the dumps at some point during their job search. So whenever I’ve felt that way I try to get inspired by the lyrics of Darryl Worley ‘s immortal song “Spread a little love around.”

It’s certainly not easy keeping the positive energy going when the job search drags from weeks into months, but it is so necessary because in the hiring world a positive personality will get you very far, sometimes even further then a handful of credentials.

Here are some ideas to keep the blues at bay:


When you help others ironically you help yourself.

Why? Because working with others towards a common goal builds confidence and helps you create contacts and possible references, especially if you are volunteering in your field. Plus volunteering keeps your skills fresh and can fill work gaps on your resume. It’s definitely a win win situation!

Join a Job Club

When you associate with other job seekers you will feel less isolated and a sense of camaraderie. Even if others in the group are looking for work in different fields from your own they may still have leads.

 Take a break

You know the old adage that looking for work is a full time job? Well with any job you need to refuel and take breaks. Plus if you are cold-calling businesses they generally don’t like to be called early on a Monday or late on a Friday so make it ok to relax a little during those times or spend it on other career related goals.

Positive reminders

Ask friends, former colleagues and family members to write down a list of your strengths and post the results someplace where you can see it everyday. This not only reminds your contacts that you are looking for work but it also reminds you about all the positive skills and abilities you possess.

 Prepare yourself

When you get the ball rolling by spending time to create an organized portfolio with an updated and edited resume you will automatically start to present yourself with confidence.

Don’t stop having fun!

When you still pursue your favourite past-times and hobbies, albeit with a bit of tweaking (check out all the free stuff going on at local community centres and the library to start) you will feel a sense of normalcy and routine.

Try to start everyday with a smile

As cheesy as it sounds, when you do as Darryl Worley says and turn that frown upside down, you’ll be surprised at who smiles back…maybe that person could be your next boss!

Even if you only try a few of these tips as you pursue the job of your dreams you are sure to fend off the pesky job seeking blues.

Elaine Logie is a current student of the Career Consultant Certificate Program at Mohawk College. Be sure to follow MCACESBlogs, a blog created by students to assist fellow job seekers. For more information about the Career Consultant Certificate Program, please visit our website: 

Do you suffer from the Job Search Blues?

Do you suffer from the Job Search Blues?

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