kNOwledge is power

ImageAfter the excitement and stress of the interview process has worn off you are now in a waiting game to hear the all-important news…Did I get the job? Emotionally, this is tough, but by far the toughest has got to be when you finally hear the news and it is a big NO.  Well, actually few employers would actually say that word but it’ll be all you can think of in the after shock. It’s hard to pick yourself up when all you’re thinking is – What happened? What did I do wrong? Was my handshake too limp: my palms too sweaty? Basically you have two choices, you can either stew about it or take what happened and learn from it.

Your ego may be bruised and it may take a bit of time to regain your composure but it’s important to turn your NO into knowledge. Here’s how:

After the interview I usually ask the interviewer(s) this question:

“could you share any advice with me so that I can improve my interviewing skills?”

You’ll notice that I didn’t ask :

“What did I do wrong?” or “Why didn’t you hire me?”

I kept the question positive. Interviewers are more likely to respond when you are showing that you want to improve yourself and are therefore less likely to take their answer in the wrong way. Since they don’t have to give you an answer a friendly tone is much more likely to achieve results. This question also shows them that you are receptive to learning new things.

If you feel like the employer has been very helpful you should thank them for the advice.  If you applied some or all of their advice and it paid off in another interview situation let them know.

In some instances you may have even gained some rapport with the employer, if that’s the case try calling them in a few months to let them know you are still looking for work. You never know the person they hired might not have worked out. As a potential candidate they already took the time to interview now may be your chance to step into that choice position.

Without asking you’d never know, so don’t let a NO be the final word!

Elaine Logie is a current student of the Career Consultant Certificate Program at Mohawk College. Be sure to follow MCACESBlogs, a blog created by students to assist fellow job seekers. For more information about the Career Consultant Certificate Program, please visit our website:


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