A true story authored by life

It is about two years ago that I called my friend in Austria, and asked her how she was doing. She sounded quite depressed, and said that she was very bored and did not know what to do. Mothering her lively daughter takes a lot of energy; yet at the same time she feels completely under-challenged in her life. When I asked her if she had considered getting a part-time job she just laughed. “Yeah, right… a college dropout with a child at home. I am sure the business world is waiting for that.” My lunch break was coming to an end, and I did not want to end the conversation too negatively, so I changed the subject and told her that I found a recipe on the internet  that might be interesting for her, since she always loved to try out new recipes. It was a food blog that had some really good ideas.

After I had sent her the link to the recipe she started researching on food blogs. She loved the idea of creative cooking ideas with beautiful pictures and some private notes of the life of the writer on top of it: the perfect mixture of reading, for anyone who was interested in cooking.

ImageJust a little bit over a year later, after that conversation on the phone, my friend got an award for the best food blog in German-speaking countries in Europe. Her blog is amazing, and the award, by the way, provides about the same amount of money she would have made in a part-time job within a year. The number of her followers grows daily, and if my friend would decide today that she would like to have a job, I know for sure that it would be very easy for her to find one indeed. First of all her confidence grew so much that she no longer links her identity with being a “college dropout”, but rather with a creative entrepreneurial spirit that proved to be successful. Secondly, she just would have to drop a hint on her blog that she would be interested in working, and immediately there would be over three hundred people at hand who care for her, and would go a long way to support her. Also because of her blogging, she has clearly established herself as an expert, which would open many doors right away.

So, what if you cannot cook? Is blogging then not for you? There are thousands of blogs out there on almost every topic. Is there anything in your life that you are really passionate about? Is there something you would like to stay knowledgeable about in a field or topic? Would you like to connect with people like you and also bring likeminded people together?  Would you like to have great support when you go for a job interview one day, and you can point out that hundreds of people follow your writing already? How much easier is it to convince a recruiter, that you are already interesting and have something to say?

Consider starting your own blog and see where life leads you with it. Who knows? The next award might just be waiting for ….YOU!

MCACESBlogs is a series of blog posts created by students and faculty from the Career Consultant Certificate Program at Mohawk College. Be sure to subscribe or come back often for more information and insights about the work search process.


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