Is there a job called “Anything?”

Is there a job called anything?  I’d really like to know.  In my profession, I assist people with their job search.  The first question I ask is, “What kind of work are you looking for?”  Guess what the response is…you got it…it’s “anything!”  Although I know and understand what insights this response, it drives me crazy!

There isn’t a job called “anything” and if there was, we’d all be doing anything. What I like to suggest to clients is to have a career goal.  In my experience, when it comes to job searching, you need to know what your skills are as most employers are looking for specific skills and therefore you need to be specific in the jobs you apply for.    

Your resume should be targeted which requires you to make a career decision.  It is not unusual to have a variety of resumes targeting different skill sets.   

There are many tools that can help you make the decisions you need to.  You can speak with an employment consultant, you can do online assessments, and you can attend free workshops offered in the community.  There are many facilities you can access.  For instance, if you are a continuing education student attending Mohawk College, you can access MCACES located in F116.  If you are a full time student, you can access the Job Centre in J137 or the Student Engagement, Athletics & Employment in C104 and finally, if you are not in school and need help, there are 7 Community Employment Resource Centres funded by Employment Ontario and in part by the government of Canada of which one is located at Mohawk College in Welcome Centre, J137 at the Fennell Campus. You can find the other 5 locations at: Your resources are endless. 

So remember, if you need to explore your career options, need assistance figuring out what your skills are, or just need a little bit of guidance, we are out there for you because there isn`t a job called “Anything!”

Linda Schumacher is a student of the Career Consultant Certificate Program at Mohawk College. MCACESBlogs is a series of posts created by students for job seekers. Like what you see? Be sure to follow our blog or share with job seeking friends and family. Thanks for reading!Image






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