5 Things My Cat Taught Me About Job Searching

Just jump on someone’s lap, computer, head etc. and don’t apologize!

You can’t be tentative in today’s market you have to get a jump on the competition and show you mean business. If you have spent the time up-ing your “likability” factor most contacts would willingly give you a bit of their time and if they have a passion for their field they may look forward to speaking with you about it.

Take frequent “cat naps” preferably in a warm sunny spot

‘Tis the season to bask in the suns rays and get your vitamin D, not only will your mood improve but when you take the odd break from job- searching you’ll keep yourself fresh and energized, plus the new ideas you come up with might just be what businesses are looking for.


Never lose your sense of fun. Brainstorm with friends, groups or other people in the industry, and toss your ideas around to see what sticks. Other people might also have much-needed insight into new avenues to try for marketing your skills.

Hang out in high traffic areas. For example: stairs, windows or high places and remember to playfully bat your paws at those who pass you.

Many businesses and organizations catering to new entrepreneurs and the self-employed have opened up communal spaces for networking and idea sharing. Spend time in these places and get a conversation going. Have a few business cards that state a few of your specialty skills with your contact info handy just in case.

Observe your environment while hiding under tables, couches and beds…then at the slightest movement act with lightening quick speed

Always be on the look out for what is new and immerging in your field. Check out TED talks on various subjects, online journals, linkedin groups and even take advantage of MOOCs if a course is offered that might increase your skills. By keeping your mind sharp you won’t feel out of the loop so when you start your new job you’ll hit the ground running!

*Finally, don’t seem too desperate, by exuding confidence that you know your stuff you will effectively attract attention for all the right reasons!

This post is dedicated to Little D. my cute yet sometimes annoying but always inspiring feline friend. purrrrrrrr

Elaine Logie is a current student of the Career Consultant Certificate Program at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario. MCACESBlogs is a series of blog posts created by students for job seekers. Like what you read? Be sure to follow us or check back often for a variety of job search related posts. Happy reading!


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