Get a Job Search Wingman

Don’t you wish you knew someone who could get you out of awkward networking situations? Like when you forgot an important contact’s name or when you tried to speak to a manager with a mouth full of cocktail shrimp?

How about for all those lonely hours spent in a darkened room on the computer staring at job sites until your eyes go bloodshot, or for when your family and friends try to delicately change the subject every time you start on one of your rants about the lack of jobs in your industry…well here’s the answer, find yourself a job search wingman or wingwoman!

Just to be clear, your “wingman” doesn’t have to be looking for the same position, however, being in a similar industry would definitely help since they’d have a good idea what you’re looking for and could vouch for your skills. Now bringing them to interviews or cold-calling visits is still a BIG no-no, but your “wingman” can still offer other kinds of support:

  1. They can share tips on job search sites and openings. It’s like you have an extra pair of eyes looking on your behalf.
  2. Together you’ll feel more confident going to networking events, plus two working a room gathering tips and information is better then one. Just don’t remain joined at the hip!
  3. Prepare for interviews together. Watch each other’s body language, rambling answers and relevancy to your industry.
  4. They can help edit your resume or cover letter when the words start to blur together in a frustrating jumble.

    Getting a Job Search Wingman can take your job search to new heights!

    Getting a Job Search Wingman can take your job search to new heights!

  5. Celebrate your successes and let out your frustrations. Another job-seeker is going to have more sympathy and understanding than family/friends who may mean well but sometimes just don’t get it!

Now don’t you wish you could have a “wingman” for all things in life!

Elaine Logie is a student of the Career Consultant Certificate Program at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. Like what you read? Be sure to check out MCACESBlogs often for tips, tools and techniques for the work of find work! Happy reading!

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