Résumé Deconstruction

There’s never a bad time to assess your employment situation. Many times job seekers miss out on what could be a perfect job opportunity because they have an imperfect résumé.

If the perfect opportunity does appear, it’s far easier to re-save this important job search document as a “Résumé for Company x” as opposed to trulresume_closeupy refining it.  Refining your resume is the basis for a “deconstruction.”

Recently, during a popular culinary related television program, the contestants were faced with the challenge of taking famous dishes and performing a deconstruction.

What is a deconstruction?

As the name implies, deconstructing a dish involves taking important elements and reinventing the meal so that the flavours are similar to the original but the meal’s composition has changed.

Why someone would want to create complexity with food where there is none is beyond me, the concept of deconstruction is completely relevant and transferable when working with your résumé.

Could your résumé use a deconstruction?

Maybe you have a résumé, but it’s not getting you any interview calls. Maybe you like your résumé, but you don’t really love it…something may feel incomplete, but you aren’t sure what’s missing.

The best part of performing a résumé deconstruction is the satisfaction you derive from putting it back together again as a focused, coherent document.

Lidia Siino has over 11 years of experience as an Employment Advisor for Distance Education and Continuing Education Students at Mohawk College. She is designated as a Certified Résumé Strategist through the Career Professionals of Canada. MCACESBlogs is a series of posts created by Career Consultant Students & Faculty. Like what you read? Be sure to follow our blog today! Happy reading!


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