Freaky Friday!

For this Freaky Friday, I’m sharing a bit of interesting info I came across regarding Applicant Tracking Software or ATS. Although, it’s still more common in the U.S., here in Canada its usage has only recently picked up steam. You’d be hard pressed to find job seekers who like this system but employers are flocking to it in droves. Why? Because it’s supposed to save time and money…and what business doesn’t love that!

I found a great article on the topic on how you can use certain tricks to by-pass the system successfully; it’s definitely a good read if you’ve ever encountered ATS before.

Most people regard portfolio’s as something only artists need, but really most people should have one and it should be updated at least once a year. It’s the perfect way to archive all your accomplishments and a good reminder to not throw out relevant material like I did! I’m still kicking myself about that one!!

This is a good read on why you should create a portfolio:

I really enjoy watching TED talks because the quality is always so good and this one is no exception, Economist Andrew McAfee talks about how technology is and will continue to change the economy and future of job prospects.

For the Bill and Ted example alone, it’s worth watching…”excellent!”


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