How to survive holiday parties when you’re out of work

Keeping on budget

Ok other then avoiding BYOB parties there are plenty of other things you can do to stay on budget and still have fun decking the halls.

Here’s a few suggestions to keep you on track

  1. Go with a friend and offer to split the “gift” then skip on the bill cause that’s what friends are for right? JUST KIDDING! If you do that you’re sure to get a lump of coal from Santa!
  2. Bring something handmade or re-gift (just make sure you remember who gave the original item or things could get awkward)
  3. Offer to help with cooking or other tasks before the other guests arrive
  4. Ask if the host or hostess would be open to an “exchange” party, like a cookie exchange. That way you won’t have to cook as much and waste money on expensive ingredients, plus you’ll get a variety of cookies to munch on. Just watch the waistline!

Mitigating the mingling

How do you counter the most common and potentially awkward introduction question of all…yeah you know the one! “What do you do?” For starters you definitely don’t want to say “I’m unemployed” or “I’m out of work” It may result in some much-needed sympathy but it could also lead to possible avoidance. Who wants to party with a buzz-kill?

 So how do you handle it?

You can always say: “I’m in-between jobs” or “I’m working on some leads” which sounds much better. As well, if you’re taking classes or upgrading your skills you can mention that too.

But how about taking it up a notch and give an answer that’ll really get the conversation started:

“I’m pursing/looking at new opportunities in my field” 


“I’m exploring work possibilities and open to change”

These answers will open up the conversation so you can talk about your skills and what specifically you’re looking for, which will sound much more proactive and positive. Now who doesn’t want to party with someone like that?

Now grab the eggnog (but not too much!) and have some fun!



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