Freaky Friday!

This is a great linkedin post by Will Price the CEO of Flite. It’s about looking at your expectations for happiness realistically. It’s easy to let your perspective get skewed through the lenses of negativity or alternatively through “rose-colored” glasses. It’s a great read if you’re finding it hard to keep yourself positive during tough times.

Career Coach, Lavie Margolin writes great blog posts. I really like how they’re straight to the point and give really useful bite size pieces of information with a unique twist.

This one is called “What an Ultimate Fighter can teach us about linkedin profiles”

I came across a talk by Eric Kramer on youtube and in it he outlines a different yet effective approach to the interview process. Instead of looking at an interview like an interrogation you need to treat it more like a sales call in which you’re selling your skills and expertise. Right now I know some of you are probably cringing at the idea of “selling” yourself! I totally understand I was a bit skeptical at first too, but when he talks about how you are effectively “selling” something to someone every day from getting your kids to finish their dinner to convincing your partner to do their chores, it really changed my perspective on the idea.



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