5 Reasons why you need to job search during the holidays!

Most people stop job searching around the holidays, but really this is a big mistake! This time of year is the best for job searching; in fact, I’ve started several jobs during November and December. Here are just a few reasons why this is a great time to make a name for yourself:

 Less competition

Everyone is so busy that they aren’t paying as close attention to the job market, this is your chance to swoop in and land that interview!

 Networking opportunities

Holiday parties are some of the best places to network. Everyone is more relaxed and giving. I’m not sure if it’s just me but generally, albeit the day before Christmas, people are friendlier and more open to talking to strangers.

 A Slower pace

Unless you work in retail, this is a slower time when employers might actually have time to speak with you. Vary rarely do companies initiate new projects during December since staff can’t fully commit with holiday time and seasonal gatherings to attend.

 Laying the groundwork

Even if you don’t score an interview you are still laying the groundwork for continuing to develop your contacts in the New Year. Don’t miss out on making a good impression and then following up afterwards.

 Practice! Practice! Practice!

With a chance to see more of friends and family members comes the opportunity to get help with interview questions or elevator speeches. The trick is to make it fun…maybe like charades! In a more relaxed atmosphere everyone may come up with some unique or novel approaches to tricky questions.

 Most importantly don’t give up; your skills are a gift waiting to be appreciated by the next deserving company! 


Elaine Logie is a MCACES Blogger and student of the Career Consultant Certificate Program. MCACESBlogs is a series of posts aimed at job seekers and their peers with all sorts of tools and techniques for job search. Like what you read? Be sure to follow our blog today and pass it on! MCACES is always on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/mcacesjobsearch

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