“Know when to hold em’, fold em’ walk away or run!” How to navigate salary negotiations

How to handle question 2.  (What are you’re salary expectations for this position?)

The answer is basically the same as question 1, but skip the part regarding the disclosure of your previous salary.

Overall, your answer should truly reflect your needs and show an understanding of how your skills stack up in the marketplace, plus you want to show an employer that you’re not going to waste their time with unrealistic figures.

Taking it to the next level

As always, there is another way to take things to the next level. If you really want to go into a negotiation on solid footing try calling up 2 or 3 employers or HR people in the industry and ask them their salary range for a similar position. Many won’t share this info due to confidentiality, however it’s really all in the approach.

If you say to them that you are interested in getting into (or back into) the field and wanted to know if it was worth the cost of training they may be more open to speaking with a potential grad or someone returning to the workforce who is showing initiative.

Since I’m always upgrading my skills, when I ask this question it isn’t a fib, I really am constantly pursing training. It’s all in how you word your question!

Then when you’re asked about your salary expectations and you’re able to say that you’ve personally discussed this question with their competitors, most employers will assume you’ve had or currently have potential job offers on the back burner. This will make you seem all the more desirable!

Lastly, when giving your expectations consider the following:

Your financial budget

Factor in things like commuting and insurance especially if the job requires a car.

Give a range

If you give a very specific number some employers will assume you don’t have any wiggle room when extras like benefits and incentives could increase your salary in less obvious ways.

The skill level

If the position is entry-level you may have to consider a lower wage range, since you are entering the field you must consider a trade off of less money for experience on the job.

Now that you’ve done your research when the chips are down you’ll know how to show your cards and win the game!



One thought on ““Know when to hold em’, fold em’ walk away or run!” How to navigate salary negotiations

  1. Darlene says:

    Know when to holdem… I am willing to negotiate.
    Knowing the dollar value of competitive salaries and benefits, I am willing to negotiate.
    Although I might try this on jobs I don’t want, just to see how this effort is accepted by the employer.

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