Freaky Friday!

National Mentoring Month!

If you’re like me you probably had no idea that January was National Mentoring Month, who knew? Well I certainly didn’t but I’m glad I do since mentoring is such an important way to connect and share knowledge with those who’ve been there before… So, before the month’s out I thought I would share a great article on Linkedin about how best to approach the mentorship process for both mentee and mentor.

Making the Most of the Mentor Relationship

Since you can never know too much about how to best market yourself, here are two great articles on resumes:

The first is on Workopolis and it’s on why only 2% of applicants are interviewed for jobs, while the other article on Careerealism is on how important it is to both target your resume and make sure you include measureable results when writing about past positions.

6 reasons why your resume isn’t getting results

Only 2% of applicants actually get interviews: Here’s how to be one of them

And finally, I thought I would share a great read by Kathy Caprino, a contributor for Forbes, on how you may or may not doing things that could be sabotaging your potential.  

Successful people and the 8 self-limiting behaviors they avoid

Happy Friday!


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