Don’t read this blog!

Everyone is more of less aware that while job searching you need to watch what you write or post online. I’m sure we’ve all heard horror stories of people not being hired or fired because of embarrassing or incriminating things (most often involving the 3 A’s – alcohol, anger and adult content) they’d done. But did you know that employers aren’t just looking at what you did online but also what you aren’t doing online?

Let me explain, for example you’re applying for a job with the word  “outreach” in the title or description, more often than not this includes some involvement with the companies website or social media presence, so it makes sense that your online profile reflects this. You need to watch for “stale” or inaccurate information, spelling mistakes and infrequent updates. Now this doesn’t mean that you need to constantly be on the computer updating your information every few minutes, it just means that frequent, engaging and professional interaction with potential customers will show awareness of emerging trends and that you’d positively represent the company to it’s stakeholders.

As well, outdated or “stale” material can also show a lack of care about your industry and particularly if the main aspect of your pervious job was social media then this can be career suicide. And no, simply liking something  or repining it doesn’t count….sorry!

If you do want to know more about managing your online presence and protecting yourself here are two useful sites to check out. The first is an internet safety overview, while the other is targeted for older job-seekers:

 Internet Safety

6 Social Media Mistakes for Older Job Hunters


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