Freaky Friday!

Tricky or illegal questions can creep up into many interview situations sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally. Before you get your back up and think a grand conspiracy is at play, the majority of times I’ve heard or witnessed these blunders or missteps they’ve been unintentional, nonetheless it’s good to know how to handle these types of questions with tact particularly those that involve “too much information” or TMI

This article on Careerealism is a good example of how TMI could inadvertently sabotage your chances of landing that job:

How to Sabotage your Interview

Now that we’re on the topic of jobs and the whole hiring process, I thought I would share this article in USA Today from the perspective of a Hiring Manager regarding what they really think of all the resumes they receive:

What do Hiring Managers really think of your resume?

Finally here’s a bit of info on personal business cards- Why they’re so important for your brand and the kind of information that you should be including on them:

Reasons why you need personal business cards and 7 facts to include on them

Happy Friday!


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