Best advice I’ve ever got: “Shutup and Listen!”


When I think back to the past, the advice that resonated with me the most was the unfiltered, unadulterated  “truth.” Basically the stuff that wasn’t sugar coated to prevent hurt feelings or bruised egos…the stuff that had teeth. But then again, I also received lots of great advice that I completely ignored but probably shouldn’t have. Sadly, when it comes to receiving and giving advice it really comes down to hearing what you need to hear at just the precise moment when you need to hear it! Which is most often after an epic fail…

This is why, the “shutup and listen!” advice I got from an instructor in the Fundraising/Development program at Mohawk College was so valuable. So often when it comes to “selling” ideas we’re so focused on convincing the other person to see our point of view that we figure just yammering on and on about it will somehow magically work.

The truth of the matter is that employers are like anyone else and aren’t easily talked into things they aren’t already sold on. That’s why it’s up to you to give them a convincing reason to “buy” into your idea then have them sell it to themselves by holding your tongue. When people are allowed to talk without interruption they often talk themselves into or out of ideas very easily, all you need to do is plant the seed as to why your ideas are the best and let them do the rest.

So how do you “sell” someone on your idea?

As Dale Carnegie said in his famous book “How to win friends and influence people” most people think about themselves 95% of the time, so if you can spend at least 50% of the time thinking about the needs of others you’ll have a unique advantage over those who can only see things from their own narrow point of view.

Selling others hinges on the idea that you’ve thought of their needs first and foremost and are proposing a way to fulfill their need, which is essentially hiring you!

With all the hot air being blown by your competition your silence will be a breath of fresh air!


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