How would you rate your professional correspondence skills?


Take this quick quiz to find out!

1. I get an angry email from a professional nemesis in response to a simple request.

A)    I forward the email to all my friends, highlighting the jerky parts; I then invite them to make nasty comments.

B)    I take a moment to write back then place the email in my draft folder, returning to it an hour or so later to reread it before officially replying.

2.  I use my iphone or other personal electronic device in responding to hiring managers. 

A)   Yeah why not! I can multitask while I’m waiting in line for coffee.

B)    No, I don’t use my personal devices to answer important contacts. “The medium is the message” and I’m more likely to answer in a tone that’s way too casual.

3. When I email someone, I then follow up with a phone call to make sure they got the original email I sent.

A)    You never know with email, it’s good to follow up with a phone call a few hours later then show at the person’s office to make sure they got the phone call and keep showing up until they agree to finally to see me.

B)    When sending the original email, I made it clear the exact reason for the email and how a follow-up would be conducted if I don’t receive a response back within a reasonable amount of time.

4. I invite an employer I’m interested in to become a linkedin contact without a message as to why or how I know them.

A)    Why not? Linkedin is like Facebook the more the merrier!

B)    I make sure that I write a clear message as to why I’m contacting them (the more personal the better, maybe I could mention that I saw them at a conference or networking event) and if they agree I respond immediately with a sincere thank you.

5. After sending my resume, I email the employer several times to make sure they got it.

A)    It’s probably a good idea since I have a Hotmail account and it regularly goes into people’s spam folders.

B)    No I don’t email, I don’t want to waste an employer’s time and give them the impression that I can’t follow simple instructions.

6. When I drop off my resume (for an unlisted job) and I don’t get a call back in a few days from the manager, I

A)    Assume that they must have hated my guts!

B)    Call them up (making sure to get their name when I dropped by) to see if they actually received it. I’ll have my elevator pitch ready if they have any questions or send another resume in case it wasn’t received.

7. When I attach my resume through email I simply name the file “resume”

A)    Of course, that’s a no-brainer! They know what they’re getting as long as I include the position title in my cover letter.

B)    I include my name and the position title as the file name. HR reps often get resumes for many different jobs, this way mine won’t get lost in the shuffle.

 8. When my resume goes onto two pages, I include the page number on each page.

A)    That sounds like a good idea! It’ll keep things organized.

B)    Instead of page numbers, which are more suitable for essays or reports, I include the same header (with my name and contact info) on each page in case the pages get separated.

9. When composing my cover letter, I address it  “Dear Sir or Madame”

A)    If I don’t have the employers name this makes the most sense.

B)    Whenever possible I try to get the person’s name by looking it up online or calling the company. When in doubt, I can address it to the “Hiring Manager or Hiring Supervisor” this sounds more professional and less like a form letter.

10. After I finish an interview, I write a thank you text to show my appreciation. 

A)    A thank you text would be really appreciated and show an employer that I’m technologically savvy.

B)    Texts are way too informal for a potential employer! Instead I’ll write a thank you card/letter or thank them through a carefully composed email. 

If you answered mostly: 

A) Yeah you guessed it you’re a caveman correspondent and are most likely to take the easier route or let your emotions rule the show!

B) Congratulations you are a professional writing genius! You show amazing tact, restraint and business know-how.


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