Are you an employee superstar or a new hire dud?

Take this quick quiz to find out!

1. When an employer asks you to tidy the lunchroom,

A) I say yes but after I check my job description I realize that it isn’t listed so I get another co-worker to do the job instead.
B) I immediately do the job since I’m a new employee and I should try to show that I’m a team player and can do duties that don’t necessarily fit within my job description.

2. You just started your job; within a few days you’ve gotten a cold, you

A) Figure that it would be better to stay home, besides I don’t want to infect my co-workers or customers
B) I come to work anyway. It’s my probation period and not coming in just because of a cold will reflect badly on my motivation.

3. I know that I have a 15 min break every 3 hours but I see that regular staff stays outside for longer then that, so I figure…

A) If they are outside for longer, it must be ok
B) I can take a break (I don’t want to seen as anti-social) but promptly return to my work station before the 15 minutes are over

4. It’s a slow morning on the job so I quickly…

A) Check Facebook I figure that no other staff are in yet and it’s just for a few minutes so it should be ok
B) Look around and see if I can tidy up or do some other task, I’m being paid to work NOT do personal things!

1. I hear a group of co-workers talking about another staff member in a disparaging way. Should I go and tell the supervisor?

A) Yes, I want to show the supervisor that I can be trusted.
B) No I don’t, since I’m new I don’t yet know the office politics. The supervisor may already know this information so telling would waste their time and if the other staff find out they will immediately ostracize me for what could have been a one-time incident.

2. I’m invited to my first office meeting and a new project is announced. I immediately offer to lead the team

A) Yes, I want to appear that I’m eager and willing to contribute.
B) No, I can offer to be a part of a team but leading a team immediately unless explicitly asked to do so can make me appear to be a “know–it-all” to other staff members, besides someone else may be in-line for the project that I don’t know about.

If you answered mainly:

A) RiA7azKiLYou might want to brush up on your workplace social skills to make that new job last!

B) You are ready for work and will no doubt make a great impression on your supervisor and co-workers


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