Perception & the Employment Interview

You only get one chance to make a good first impression—so don’t mess it up and read one of our most popular Blog posts!!!


Job seekers need to remember that your perception is your reality when it comes to the interview process. Many of them may have had some job interviews already and others may not have had quite as much opportunity to experience that part of the hiring process. People learn how to perceive things as they grow up by what they see, experience and hear. For instance, a person’s experiences and how they deal with them will all have an impact on that person’s individual perception. In the world of employment, there will be many opportunities and different ways to perceive a particular situation. Quite often, how a candidate perceives a situation can be completely different from how a recruiter sees them and how they answer the interview questions. Don’t let your become of one of those unprepared candidates. You cannot afford to risk having a poor interview performance in this tough…

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