Who are you REALLY?

Every career journey begins with a single step…whether it’s a step in the “right” or “wrong” direction is entirely up to you, the best way to know for sure is to hold up a mirror and truly recognize the person staring back. That means accepting both your strengths and challenges, they do after all define you! Honestly ask yourself the following:

Who am I?

What do I want out of my career?

What situations / experiences energize me?

What situations / experiences deplete me?

What am I truly interested in?

Where do my values come into play?

How important are my values in what I do?

You won’t necessarily come up with answers right away; after all, if we could we’d miss the excitement of discovery! To get the juices flowing think about taking some assessments to start things off.

Here’re a few you might want to check out:

At Mohawk College you can access StrengthsQuest, a free strengths based assessment that generates a list of your top 5 strengths along with a description of what they mean.

Community Employment Services

This site by the Alberta Learning Information Service has a free version of the Holland’s code quiz. It isn’t as comprehensive as the original test but it’s a good introduction.

Alberta Learning Information Service, Planning Tools

If you want to do the full John Holland’s Self-Directed Search (SDS) assessment, you can complete it for 10 dollars by clicking on the link below. It gives you a 3 letter code that best represents your work personality type, along with a list of occupations with descriptions that correspond to your code.

Self-Directed Search

The Strong Interest Inventory assessment is similar to SDS however it looks less at personality as a driver for career choices and more at interests as a starting point for career exploration.

Strong Interest Inventory

Personality Dimensions, is a test that identifies aspects of your personality such as core values, needs, talents and behaviors and how these things affect your interaction with others and therefore which work situations/environments best “fit” your personality. There’s also a Canadian version of this test called “True Colours.”

Personality Dimensions

Of course this is really just the tip of the iceberg in available assessments, as long as you begin your journey towards discovering yourself you will ultimately discover your own unique career path!