Freaky Friday!

Tricky or illegal questions can creep up into many interview situations sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally. Before you get your back up and think a grand conspiracy is at play, the majority of times I’ve heard or witnessed these blunders or missteps they’ve been unintentional, nonetheless it’s good to know how to handle these types of questions with tact particularly those that involve “too much information” or TMI

This article on Careerealism is a good example of how TMI could inadvertently sabotage your chances of landing that job:

How to Sabotage your Interview

Now that we’re on the topic of jobs and the whole hiring process, I thought I would share this article in USA Today from the perspective of a Hiring Manager regarding what they really think of all the resumes they receive:

What do Hiring Managers really think of your resume?

Finally here’s a bit of info on personal business cards- Why they’re so important for your brand and the kind of information that you should be including on them:

Reasons why you need personal business cards and 7 facts to include on them

Happy Friday!



Freaky Friday!

National Mentoring Month!

If you’re like me you probably had no idea that January was National Mentoring Month, who knew? Well I certainly didn’t but I’m glad I do since mentoring is such an important way to connect and share knowledge with those who’ve been there before… So, before the month’s out I thought I would share a great article on Linkedin about how best to approach the mentorship process for both mentee and mentor.

Making the Most of the Mentor Relationship

Since you can never know too much about how to best market yourself, here are two great articles on resumes:

The first is on Workopolis and it’s on why only 2% of applicants are interviewed for jobs, while the other article on Careerealism is on how important it is to both target your resume and make sure you include measureable results when writing about past positions.

6 reasons why your resume isn’t getting results

Only 2% of applicants actually get interviews: Here’s how to be one of them

And finally, I thought I would share a great read by Kathy Caprino, a contributor for Forbes, on how you may or may not doing things that could be sabotaging your potential.  

Successful people and the 8 self-limiting behaviors they avoid

Happy Friday!

Freaky Friday!

This is a great linkedin post by Will Price the CEO of Flite. It’s about looking at your expectations for happiness realistically. It’s easy to let your perspective get skewed through the lenses of negativity or alternatively through “rose-colored” glasses. It’s a great read if you’re finding it hard to keep yourself positive during tough times.

Career Coach, Lavie Margolin writes great blog posts. I really like how they’re straight to the point and give really useful bite size pieces of information with a unique twist.

This one is called “What an Ultimate Fighter can teach us about linkedin profiles”

I came across a talk by Eric Kramer on youtube and in it he outlines a different yet effective approach to the interview process. Instead of looking at an interview like an interrogation you need to treat it more like a sales call in which you’re selling your skills and expertise. Right now I know some of you are probably cringing at the idea of “selling” yourself! I totally understand I was a bit skeptical at first too, but when he talks about how you are effectively “selling” something to someone every day from getting your kids to finish their dinner to convincing your partner to do their chores, it really changed my perspective on the idea.


Freaky Friday!

For this Freaky Friday, I’m sharing a bit of interesting info I came across regarding Applicant Tracking Software or ATS. Although, it’s still more common in the U.S., here in Canada its usage has only recently picked up steam. You’d be hard pressed to find job seekers who like this system but employers are flocking to it in droves. Why? Because it’s supposed to save time and money…and what business doesn’t love that!

I found a great article on the topic on how you can use certain tricks to by-pass the system successfully; it’s definitely a good read if you’ve ever encountered ATS before.

Most people regard portfolio’s as something only artists need, but really most people should have one and it should be updated at least once a year. It’s the perfect way to archive all your accomplishments and a good reminder to not throw out relevant material like I did! I’m still kicking myself about that one!!

This is a good read on why you should create a portfolio:

I really enjoy watching TED talks because the quality is always so good and this one is no exception, Economist Andrew McAfee talks about how technology is and will continue to change the economy and future of job prospects.

For the Bill and Ted example alone, it’s worth watching…”excellent!”


Fridays are getting Freaky

Just wanted to introduce our new weekly feature called “Freaky Friday!” In it, we’ll be exploring questions from our blog readers and passing along information we run across during our work related research. Basically it’ll cover anything and everything career related and maybe even the kitchen sink too!


In social media today


What your profile picture says about you


This week I wanted to share a neat pseudo psychological experiment Jason Seiden did on linkedin regarding profile pictures. It’s funny because before reading it I was thinking of tweaking my profile pic and now I know I’ve definitely gotta get on that!



 Now that we’re on the topic of linkedin…


On Monday November 18th, Careerealism started a linkedin lab. They describe it as a “live web show that focuses strictly on your linkedin strategy,” particularly how to properly brand and market yourself to potential audiences in the most effective way. 


It’s definitely worth checking out!


Just for fun


I know many of you have probably already seen the work of cartoonist Matthew Inman in particular his book called: “How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you” (and yes I own a copy and yes I think little D may be trying to kill me, especially while walking up the stairs in the middle of the night…but that’s another story)


But did you know he also has a hilarious series called the bobcats? It’s really a cautionary “tail” on what not to do on the job! You’ll see what I mean.