R-E-S-P-E-C-T Find out what it means to your boss!


One of the drawbacks to the so called “selfie” culture is the loss of the true meaning of RESPECT.

Numerous times I’ve heard this common interview blunder…

Question: “What kinds of traits would you most like to see in a manager or boss?” or “What would your expectations be from a supervisor?”

Answer: “Someone who respects me”


There are 3 reasons why this answer is incorrect:

  1. Respect is a strong word that gives the impression that you’ve felt a lack of it in a previous position. They’ll read that you have a “chip” on your shoulder so whenever possible leave past feelings at the interview room door!
  2. While the lack of respect may have been true, it invariably screams “entitled” or “self-centered” and therefore not a team player.
  3. Most employers are old school and had to work their way up the ranks the hard way. Therefore, they inevitably see respect as something earned NOT given

Remember, when answering these questions you need to think from a manager’s perspective and how you’d like to be viewed by your employees.

So, how should you answer this question?

You can say:

 “Someone who’s knowledgeable”

 “Someone who has an open-door policy”

 “Someone who’s fair”

What boss or manager wouldn’t want to be seen as approachable or equitable? As well, since these are “soft” traits they are less likely to elicit strong reactions, which is definitely something you want to avoid!

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