Freaky Friday!

Lately there seems to be an influx of articles on following your passion on the job or how to find a position you love (not sure but maybe it’s a reaction to the gloomy winter weather we’ve been having) but personally I’ve always thought that work is work and not play so if you expect your place of work to be a playground you’ll be sorely disappointed!  In theory, it sounds great to have loads of great times on the job but having this viewpoint seems like a bit of a fantasy.

Before I sound like a total downer, I did find an article by Kurt Heinrich that takes a different perspective. In it he says you shouldn’t expect to love your work but instead you need to love your craft and have a desire to hone your skills, that way you won’t be forever looking for an “image” of the perfect job:

Don’t love your work, love your craft and your career

This next article ties directly to this idea and how when faced with a toxic work environment you need to stop thinking of what the company isn’t doing or why the job isn’t good and instead think of what skills you can get out of the position now that will ultimately provide you with the leverage you need for getting a new job.

In Liz Ryan’s linkedin article entitled “When good jobs go bad,” she calls this leveraging “data mining” or “flame growing”

When good jobs go bad

Happy Friday!