What my cat taught me about keeping my job

Mostly little D is an example of what NOT to do but every once and a while she displays uncanny wisdom and besides as the saying goes “when the student is ready the teacher will arrive” I guess sometimes teachers come in the most unexpected guises!

Arrive early

Ok so a 5am wakeup call with a paw in the face is a little extreme, but you want to show you’re eager and ready to take on the tasks of the day. Try to arrive about 15 minutes early.

Bring gifts!

Every morning and evening little D, presents her favourite toy, which is basically a scruffy piece of fabric with feathers on the end, as a thank you “gift.” Gestures like bringing donuts or offering to do a coffee run is always appreciated. Just make sure no ones on a strict diet and you include everyone!

You scratch my ear I’ll scratch…

Show that you’re a team player. If a colleague needs help try to be of assistance. Be careful not to overstep your bounds, some co-workers could bristle and interpret your actions as angling for their job. When you’re new you definitely don’t want to rub anyone the wrong way…

Don’t nap on the first warm lap!

Be careful who you cozy up to when you first start. You may immediately gain rapport with certain colleagues but it’s best to wait before you join them for after work drinks. You may inadvertently end up getting roped into gossip or cliquish behavior or just the “wrong crowd” gaining a reputation before you’ve even been able to prove yourself.

Employ stealth

Watch and learn office politics. It’s important to be friendly with colleagues but make sure you understand the underlying dynamic of the office before making any big decisions or disclosing too much about yourself.

Practice good grooming

Take a cue from little D’s constant grooming and keep your appearance neat and tidy. You want to make sure you dress just slightly over the dress code when you first start. However, be careful that you don’t dress too high or low or you’ll end up not fitting into the corporate culture.

“Tail we meet again!”


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